Saturday, April 11, 2009

Des Américains A Paris

No, the French are not surrendering again.
Rather, Paris is celebrating Americans, and American culture, with "Des Américains à Paris," a 4-week event at the Jardin d'Acclimatation starting today (and the fifth in a series that previously featured Japan, Korean, India and China.)

From the program (in franglais,) the event will look at many facets of Americana -- from (performance) art and music (soul, country, gospel, jazz,) to sports (baseball, basketball, skateboarding,) to pom pom girls, and classes on how to cook the perfect cupcake or doughnut, plus plenty of information/promotion booths.

For American expats in Paris, the inevitable caricature of such andevent will probably appear as cheesey as Bastille Day is to French expats in the U.S. Yet it may be worth a peek, if only for the "sociology" of how America markets itself to France, how the French package it into an event, and what kind of crowd -- and comments -- it attracts. Preview in the NYT.
Image via Jardin d'Acclimataion website

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