Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mapping The Buzz

Want to know where the buzz is in L.A.? According to the NYT, a recent USC study seeking to measure "The Geography of Buzz" mapped out "hot spots based on the frequency and draw of cultural happenings: film and television screenings, concerts, fashion shows, gallery and theater openings."

"In Los Angeles, the cool stuff happens in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, along the Sunset Strip, not in trendy Silver Lake or Echo Park," says the study. Huh? "The data helped show the continued dominance of the mainstream news media as a cultural gatekeeper, and the never-ending cycle of buzz in the creative world," add the study authors. That is open to debate, though.

It all comes down to how one defines "buzz" and "cultural happenings." And from its own definition, the study comes across as old foggy; dépassé. Details here.
screenshot from NYT article

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