Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vapeurs Exquises

When it comes to fixing creative G&T's, trust the Brits. Bompas & Parr, a team of creators experimenting with "the space between food and architecture," had already distinguished themselves with the Glow in the Dark Jelly and Scratch n Sniff Cinema. Their latest folly, a pop-up bar in London called Alcoholic Architecture, invites wannabe boozers to feel what it's like being in a gin and tonic. "Just popping in for a breath of air," writes The Guardian: step into an alcoholic mist, inhale for 40 minutes -- long enough to feel like you've had a strong drink -- and emerge jolly with your hair tuned into a "gin-frizz."

"As far as taste goes, this is the real deal," says Guardian writer Hermione Hoby. Yet is it as enjoyable as a good old G&T on cubes while slouched on the couch? Guests may be leaving "feeling as gleeful as Charlie Bucket encountering lickable wallpaper," notes Hoby, but with the glaring light, ear-crashing music and gas-mask-sporting stewards, "in the end the vibe's more nuclear apocalypse than jolly chocolate factory." Still, it's a tempting sensory experience.

Could we have something similar over here? Or at least an americanized spin-off? The BLDG BLOG is hopeful: "It can only be a matter of time before wealthy individuals are able to wake up to vaporized coffee, maintaining their multi-tasking edge by inhaling caffeine for that last half-hour of sleep, while the riders of Hollywood stars will routinely specify custom dressing rooms bathed in a fine mist of light-diffusing, age-defying elixirs." More info & images via Around Britain with a Paunch.
cropped image via Bompas & Parr website

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