Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellowbook = Planet Farters

Last week, our building got "dumped' with a pile of Yellowbook directories nobody asked for. Two clients who live in single-family homes also got several each. We called Yellowbook to ask that they take them back, but were directed instead to their website recycling page (which proudly mentions their sponsorship of Earth 911) for advice on how to get rid of them. So not only does Yellowbook waste trees and energy to print directories nobody wants (online searches, anyone?) the onus is on the "dumped" to recycle them. This is ultimate greenwashing. Shame on them.

UPDATE: Good news. We emailed Yellowbook's PR office, and got this reply within hours: "Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Upon receipt, we immediately dispatched a crew to pick up the directories. We have just been advised that the directories have been picked up. Thank you again for letting us know." The directories are now gone. Yellowbook's irresponsible wasting and dumping is appalling, but their suits' prompt response is impressive.
UPDATE Stop sending me phone books! (Inhabitat)
photo LA Frog

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LA Frog said...

Thanks Heath for clarifying that YellowBook (owned by the UK-based company Yell Group) is a competitor, not an affiliate of AT&T's Yellow Pages.