Monday, May 11, 2009

Flip Flops Moving Uptown?

Flip flops are a regular in Los Angeles -- to the dismay of East Coasters, fashion cops oblivious to the fact that they live in a sunny coastal town, and Euro-snubs who declare it "African" (see earlier post.) Could flip flops be moving uptown? That's certainly Havainas' bid, as attested by their 4-page ad in June's Vanity Fair
Tip from a Parisian: flip flops can actually be chic. It all depends on your style, attitude, and the way you walk in them. In fact, chic is all about style, attitude, and proper posture -- not footwear. Better walk tall and gracious in flip flops than like an awkward duck in manolos.
UPDATE: And now, The Hamptons in Flip-Flops?
scans from Havaiana ads in Vanity Fair


hollarback said...

I always laugh at the dictates of the fashionista types. The same thing goes for those people (euro snubs is a great way to put it by the way) who react with horror at puffy down coats typically worn in cold weather states....until they experience what really cold weather is like.

I do miss (properly) dressing up, but I like the fact that I have "dressy" work flip flops (colorful leather usually) and casual ones as well. I have no idea how many I own now. I think I had one pair, if that, when I moved to LA.

LA Frog said...

I do miss (properly) dressing, too, but there is a freedom here I sorely miss whenever I get back to Paris/Europe. Laid back doesn't necessarily have to mean slob, and "proper" dressing doesn't necessarily have to mean business suits + pumps. And yes, I must confess too, my shoe rack is full of flip flops vs manolos -- one for every outfit, in fact. High heels are still part of the gang, but they don't go out s much as they used to back in "old" Europe ...