Friday, May 22, 2009

No Escape From California

You travel ten thousand miles away, and the first thing you hear upon landing is, How can you live in such an Ungovernable State? The Economist zeroes in on California's Swiss-like governance as the cause of our State's structural bankruptcy. But is it really that simple? Is it because we keep electing inept politicians -- whether it's Gray Davis who gladly sold us out to Enron & Co, or Schwarzie who still has to get to the "B" page of the dictionary to learn what "budget" means, before he can move to "C" for the "complexity" of real life as opposed to action flicks? California is rich, ingenious, innovative, so why can't we get our acts together -- and stop being laughed at whenever we step out of the State, or the country?
UPDATE: Californians are sinking themselves in Salon.
image via Courrier International

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