Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Car My Kiki No More

In a hilarious article for Salon, Gary Kamiya wonders about the effects of Chrysler's "Fiat-ization" on the American Male's psyche, asking, "Can a nation of dudes whose sexual self-image was built on macho Jeeps survive the rise of the Little Mouse [aka Fiat 500]?"
"Ever since the first American car clanked off an assembly line, American males have been programmed to associate virility with large, overpowered steel-and-chrome automobiles, preferably adorned with tumescent hood ornaments and protruding, D-cup-size bumper boobs," Kamiya writes. "Buffeted by divorce, feminism, potbellies, a useless repertoire of lame pickup lines and the thousand other natural shocks that flesh is heir to, the long-suffering American male has always known he could find solace in the long, rigid-chassis object reposing in his garage. Indeed, only their function as a kind of auxiliary national phallus can explain why Detroit's gas-guzzling dinosaurs have survived as long as they have."

Given the Italians' "French" reputation as lousy warriors -- nothing like those tough Germans and Japanese -- could the American Male be in danger of turning effeminate Euro-socialist, his macho weenie shrunk to "Little Mouse" size? Not necessarily. As, Kamiya reminds us, "For an entire generation of Italians, [the Fiat 500] was literally sex on wheels," and "While Americans may have their doubts about the sexiness of Italian cars, they have no such misgivings about the sexiness of Italians [as ultimate lovers]."

All this takeover business will surely challenge America's sexual imagery, "But if it saves American jobs and pumps up American libidos, what patriot would shrink from the sacrifice?"
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