Friday, July 17, 2009

New Rules For The 21C

Feeling poquito overwhelmed in today's hyper connected, hyper gadgetized, super cloud computerized world? Miffed perhaps at all the intrusion from (arguably asocial) social media aficionados? Welcome to the 21st Century. With its New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans, Wired offers help on how to navigate (the predicaments of) this wild new world.

Some rude awakenings await. Sample 1: A balanced media diet should include 3 hours of social networking and gaming. Sample 2: Today's teens, aka tomorrow's arbiters of behavior, "draw no distinction between socializing in person or by cell, and they see no reason to favor one over the other." Good old books, or friends looking to shoot the breeze around a glass of wine: make room for "progress."
UPDATE: Salon reviews Hal Niedzviecki's The Peep Diaries
illustration Jason Lee/Wired 17.08

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