Thursday, July 9, 2009

When Cramped Was Comfortable

They call it "A delicate balance between economy and comfort." When Christopher Elliott first mentioned in the NYT that airlines were considering making passengers travel in standing-room-only "seats," people scoffed at the concept. Increasingly cramped seats, sure, been there done that. But standing? No way. Right? Wrong.

The Daily Mail and Libération report that Ryanair is revisiting the idea or introducing "vertical seats" on their flights. They describe them as "bar stools," yet there is likely to be no bar given the airline's cost-cutting drive, which has included charging for the use of onboard bathrooms, or introducing a "fat tax" for overweight passengers (both promptly shelved.) For those who think that airline travel has become a nightmare: we haven't seen anything yet.
illustration Graham Roberts for the NYT

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