Monday, August 10, 2009

Less Is More

When a friend send me this GNR8Pipeline link to throwaway glasses, it came superbly à propos. I had been on a frustrating quest for new reading glass frames for months: online, offline, from mainstream optical stores to the most design-y, chi-chi boutiques in L.A.

Never found my happiness. It didn't matter how posh the brand or designer was, the frames were all the same, boring Made in China rectangles, at $150-$750. Adding the eye exam and prescription lenses, it made for a costly, uninspiring proposition.

Then I stumbled across ICU Eyewear's reading glasses while searching for cashew nuts at Whole Foods, and bought a really cool pair for $22.95 including tax. They fit my heavy reading and computing schedule perfectly, and even attract compliments on a daily basis. Less is more. Without the bore. Bonus: love the nut-glass serendipity.
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