Tuesday, September 15, 2009

David Byrne On L.A.

Talking Heads' founding member David Byrne wrote an interesting Op-Ed in the WSJ last week on urban density and his dream for the perfect city. Curbed LA zeroed in on his passage regarding L.A.:

"If a city doesn't have sufficient density as in L.A., then strange things happen. It's human nature for us to look at one another -- we're social animals after all. But when the urban situation causes the distance between us to increase and our interactions to be less frequent we have to use novel means to attract attention: big hair, skimpy clothes and plastic surgery. We become walking billboards."

Curbed's readers brought in their two cents -- some denouncing the musician's cliché views; others praising his urban smarts. Personal favorite: "L.A. is far more dense than many other American cities. Using Byrne's metric, every woman in Nashville, San Antonio, or Denver should look like a cross between Jocelyn Wildenstein, Dolly Parton, and Marge Simpson." Sic.

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