Monday, September 14, 2009

Internet Art's Coming Of Age

Welcome to 'glitch art, aka the aesthetization of computer faults. One of the many trends reviewed by Alice Pfeiffer in her NYT special report At Last, Artists Harness the Internet.

"As with video art in the 1960s and early digital work in the '80s and '90s, technological progress is providing not only an array of new tools for artistic creation, but also new sources of reflection and new subjects for social commentary," writes Pfeiffer. "Out of it is emerging a new aesthetic inspired by YouTube and Google. A global movement is hacking, subverting and critiquing the hardware, software, content, visuals -- even the philosophy of the wired world."

Like any new form of expression, Internet Art has its fair share of critics among aficionados, but Pfeiffer's report shows that not only is it coming of age; it's here to stay. More illustrations here.
illustration via NYT - still from Takeshi Murata's Escape Spirit VideoSlime

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