Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Santa Monica Pier Turns 100 Today

What's with those choppers hovering over our bedroom at 6AM?
TV. TV. And more TV. Our local Grande Dame the Santa Monica Pier celebrates is Centennial today, with festivities galore starting at 7AM. See KTLA's snippet, and LAist's recap. We're cowardly ducking away from the crowds and traffic, but will be watching the evening fireworks with delight. Local writer James Harris wrote a neat celebratory booklet on the Pier, previously posted about here. See also The Argonaut, and the Pier's Twitter feed for updates.
Update 10PM: The city has been under siege all day, with choppers hovering around and sirens everywhere. At 9PM, a long, stunning firework display sent all car alarms AWOL. What a day!
UPDATE: More LAist posts on the Pier's history + photos
UPDATE: Firework photos via Twitter

photos LA Frog

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