Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bergamot Harvest

Fall always brings a harvest of exciting art shows.The Bergamot Station galleries were in full bloom this weekend, with an array of exciting shows. Above: Richard Ehrlich @ Craig Krull; Beatrice Findlay @ James Gray; Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz @ Mark Moore; Mark Januzelli @ James Gray; Eric Johnson @ William Turner; Jessica Lange @ Rose; Nate Seubert @ James Gray; Melli Ink @ Turner Projects East. More photos here.

Two coups de coeur: 1. Richard Ehrlich, in particular his Anatomia Digitale collaborative project: who would have guessed that mixing Eric Satie with medical imagery would bring such whimsical results? 2. SMMoA's Allen Ruppersberg exhibit, an interactive installation which invites visitors to participate in two large-scale, never-ending books: wonderful to observe people turned into instant creators (no pictures allowed but review in artnet.) Previous Bergamot posts here.
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The Daily Connoisseur said...

How fantastic. I love Bergamot Station and haven't been in way too long. The snow globe made me laugh out loud. And I love that painting of the man and woman with dark glasses on...

LA Frog said...

Definitely a good vintage of shows this Fall.