Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Apple & Charcuteries

Tough times for Apple users: hardware is not what it used to be; and customer service, well, sucks. The iMac bluetooth mouse, to which I became addicted despite its propensity for battery guzzling and serial disconnects, broke for the second time in four months. Getting it replaced required making an appointment online with the local Apple store's Genius Bar (sic!) First slot available? Three days later; this to replace a mouse = five minutes tops including paperwork.

So, after "downgrading" to the good old reliable wired mouse in the meantime, off to the Genius Bar which, not content to make customers wait for days to get an appointment, leaves them standing for close to an hour in the store before deigning to address their issue, and so with that supremely annoying, designer store, fly-swatting attitude. Makes you want to quit Apple altogether, but what good alternative is there, really? (Sigh.)

Out of the temple of Mac dystopia at last, and straight into a *real* genius bar across the street, for a much deserved R&R around a plate of charcuteries, a glass of Bordeaux, and a pile of French gossip magazines. Back to civilization. Might even be reconciled with the Apple mousie.
photo LA Frog

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