Thursday, November 19, 2009

Skateboard Evolution & Art

The California Heritage Museum has put up quite a nifty show on Skateboard Evolution & Art in California, with over 275 rare skate and board pieces -- some dating back to early 1900s wooden crate-based DIY. The show is guest-curated by legendary Z-Boy Nathan Pratt, who lent most of the exhibit's artifacts. A must-see for skateboard + Dogtown & Z-Boys enthusiasts -- a culture born and bred right at our doorstep. Bonus: the CHM's docents are a team of delightful blue-haired ladies, who are extremely knowledgeable about California tile or impressionism, but rather thrown at the deep end by this "counter-culture," "asocial" show [quotes.] The disconnect is best pictured in the contrast between CHM's historic Victorian revival building, and the shows' Z-Boy banner. Review in Santa Monica Mirror.
photos LA Frog

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