Thursday, December 10, 2009

Touring L.A. Gangland

Fancy a different tour of L.A.? Starting in January 2010, L.A. Gang Tours will offer bus tours of "some of the grittiest pockets of the city [...] including decayed public housing, sites of deadly shootouts and streets ravaged by racial unrest," the LAT reports. Scheduled stops will include the L.A. County Jail, L.A. River Bed, Metropolitan Detention Center, Florence District, and more, "giving tourists a look at the cradle of the nation's gang culture."
While some may regard the concept as exploitative and voyeuristic, the community activists behind it see it as a way to "sensitize and people to the reality on the ground" while funneling the proceeds back to the community. A win-win that fits their mission of "Saving lives, creating jobs, rebuilding communities." Adding to the thrill, the tour release form includes disclaimers such as "I understand and agree that the Tour is inherently dangerous, involving substantial risks including, but not limited to, the risk of death, personal injury, and/or property damage." Nice. Still, very tempting.
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