Monday, March 29, 2010

Arab = Terrorist?

Last weekend, we went to see A Prophet at our local indie movie theater Laemmle's -- the French movie that won the Cannes Festival's Grand Prix and was slated to win the Oscar for best foreign movie but didn't. In the audience were 4 twentysomethings -- the preppy college fratboy type, quite loud and obnoxious, punctuating every sentence with a f*** variant. Snippet of their conversation:

- Fratboy 1: So, why are we seeing this movie?
- Fratboy 2: It was an Oscar nominee, but it didn't win.
- Fratboy 1: What's it about?
- Fratboy 3: It's about an Arab terrorist.
- Fratboy 2: Not a terrorist, a prisoner in a French jail.
- Fratboy 3: He's an Arab, right? So he's a terrorist.
- Fratboy 2: Not all Arabs are terrorists.
- Fratboy 3: Of course they are! What kind of American are you?
- Fratboys 1+4: Yeah. F***ing Arabs.

Twentysomethings, obviously privileged and "educated" in a big city, and yet such parochial bigots. How very sad.

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