Saturday, June 19, 2010

European Artists Take Over Downtown L.A.

Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles looks distinctively European these days. As LAist reports, "EuroTrash" street artists have invaded the area, with "JR and Vhils, [who] took to the 600 block of Spring Street for two large murals facing each other in a narrow parking lot. JR is from France and is known for his large photographs that 'highlight humanist matters that are often overlooked.' Portuguese artist Vhils likes to manipulate surfaces, as he did in the portrait of a man by chipping away at the building for a bas-relief effect."

We happened to park in that lot, and the murals triggered animated discussions with the parking attendants, drivers, local merchants and their patrons -- including the Mexican greasy spoon round the corner, where an intense, multilingual debate ensued. That's the beauty of street art.
photos: 1/3. LA Frog - 2. via LAist

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