Friday, July 2, 2010

No French TGV In California. Deservedly.

The LA Times reports that the California Senate approved a bill which would compel railway companies to acknowledge their role in the Holocaust. "Essentially targeting the French national railway SNCF, a key state Senate committee advanced legislation that would require companies interested in working on the California high-speed train project to admit whether they transported people to concentration camps during World War II." The bill hopes to "pressure SNCF to take responsibility for its role in shipping people to Nazi concentration camps and to pay restitution."

The SNCF says that the bill "would give the company a chance to explain the context of its actions," pointing the finger at the Nazi regime with the lame 'they-made-us-do-it ' excuse. Objection denied. The French Résistance showed tremendous heroism fighting Hitler's demonic machine -- facing death sentences every day -- but there is another half of French society, the collabos, who should never be forgotten nor forgiven, whether they're individuals, corporations, or government agencies.

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