Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pushing 3-D Video Boundaries @ SMMOA

Marco Brambilla's The Dark Lining exhibit at the Santa Museum of Art could be regarded as underwhelming, if not for its 3-D baroque videos Civilization and Evolution. As Holly Willis writes in LA Weekly, "Hollywood has embraced 3-D again, with blockbusters from Avatar to the latest Pirates of the Caribbean, and more directors are trying to use the technology to create a new language of cinema. But what about 3-D in the art world?"

Brambilla brilliantly addresses that question, creating a stylized 3-D experience, "To comment on the vacuity and interchangeability of so many contemporary movies," writes Willis, but also as a critique of today's superficial, destructive society. "There is no emotional connection," says Brambilla, "There is no narrative arc. There is no character development. None of the kind of formulas that would go into making a feature film are applied here. It's more associative."  
UPDATE 05/30/11: Working on multiple dimensions [LAT]
UPDATE 06/07/11: In a Dark Room. Intoxicated. [KCRW Art Talk]
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