Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Corneille Goes Shopping

Picture taken near the Sorbonne during the manifs anti-CPE. Typical gallic humor, complete with pigeons.
Americans have a different interpretation:

Observing comatose France from the U.S., I realize that here, we're used to the hire and fire culture, with unlimited CPE. It may be unacceptable to the French, but it brings the necessary flexibility to the job market. It creates jobs which one can take even if they're short-termed, because one doesn’t have to draft highly bureaucratic contracts, or abide by a preposterous hiring framework. One negotiates the relationship as and when — with the pros and cons, but at least with a job! The French system kills entrepreneurship.

Those manifs are more than about the CPE. They're about a deeper social and metaphysical malaise. The système de protection sociale cher à la France no longer fits the realities of today's world, nor do the French politicians and union leaders. Something has to give, so brace yourselves for more -- the French revolutionary spirit loves a good manif, if only for the hell of it!
photo The Paris Blog & screenshot Emmanuelle

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