Monday, July 3, 2006

Dream Builders

I was driving up Wilshire today at rush hour. Anxious to avoid traffic, I cut through side streets and voilà! I came upon this whimsical little house on California.
It reminded me of Raymond Isidore from Chartres (France), aka. Pique-Assiette:
“I was walking in the country when I saw by chance some bits of glass and crockery which I collected for their color and sparkle. I accumulated them in a corner of my garden, then the idea came to me of making a mosaic of my house.” He ended up decorating his entire house, complete with furniture.

Pique Assiette belongs to the Art Brut movement, which includes Facteur Cheval's Palais Idéal and Simon Rodia's Watts Towers.
An amateur yet dedicated group of dreamers.
Traffic does have its blessings...
[update LAT intel 06/10/07: Piece Work]
[update SMDP 07/02/07: Not your average residence]

photos LA Frog

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