Thursday, July 6, 2006

Shaky Ground

"California lavishes you with ease and comfort and light one day, only to beat you senseless the next, and then pleasures you all over again the day after that. Hell, it indulges and savages at the same time! Back in the sixties, we used to have a term for that kind of parenting. We called it crazy-making." [Lawrence Weschler]

A recent article in Nature warns that "Southern California could be in line for a serious quake... New measurements suggest that the region close to L.A., the traditional earthquake location in Hollywood disaster movies, could feel the effects of a real-life tremor wihtin the next few years... The San Andreas fault is fully loaded for the next event."

Movieland oblige, Caltech has created ShakeMovie, a portal of near real time simulation of Southern California seismic events.
Brrr... time to update the earthquake kit.
photo PunchStock

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