Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tree Hugging Moves To Wall Street

Mieux vaut tard que jamais: "Environmentalists and investment bankers are working together to put a price tag on nature," David Wolma writes in the LAT. "The new greens think that human beings are ready to start paying for Mother Nature's services—and that calculating their financial worth will save the planet."

Welcome to Environomics -- the evaluation of ecosystems "By way of the universally comprehensible currency of money [...] Reaching out to the likes of Goldman Sachs is part of the broader quest to show the world that capital markets could do wonders for environmental protection—and that there could be big money in nature for pioneering investors."

Example: what's $33 trillion per year? "The value to human beings of all the services provided by Earth's natural capital."

Beside the idea of charging for the use and abuse of ecosystems (and its viability in a globalized world), it's about time greens agree to join forces with big business -- and vice versa. The days of mutual smears can no longer be afforded. [related]