Friday, December 28, 2007

Be Green: It's Sexy

Green is in the air. According to a recent editorial in the French Elle, it may even help you score with the opposite sex.
Exit the cliché of the smelly, unshaved, Birkenstock-wearing, tofu-eating, tree-hugging, blah-blah remède contre l'amour. Green is the new sexy. Profiles on social websites advocate environmental sensitivity as an attractive trait. According to the British magazine Nuts, it is the first quality women seek in men. The vegansexual ranks are growing. Greenpeace is rumored to have published a guide to green sex. Dildos and other onanic toys come in biodegradable materials, powered with solar energy. Even the porn industry is jumping on the bandwagon, with sites such as Fuck for Forest, whose proceeds from sales of sex au naturel videos go to the protection of the rainforest.

Beyond the anecdotal, it is a sure révélateur of the exciting though somewhat unsettling times we live in. [The Elle editorial referred to this article in Courrier International]