Sunday, January 13, 2008

French Farce

I don't know about fellow frogs in the U.S., but I have been assailed lately with questions about the French president's personal life.
First, people smirked at Sarkozy's Marlboro Dwarf, wannabe American look. Now, it's his rebound affair with model, singer and croqueuse d'hommes Carla Bruni. A client remarked this week that Sarkozy is like a 21st Century Napoléon: same height, same libido, ergo. And today, the New York Times discusses the eligibility of "The French President's Lover." "Dating a President? Not Exactly Model Behavior," adds the Washington Post.

BFD. What we expect from Sarkozy is to put France back on its feet. And there's plenty to do. It is rather pathetic to see his romantic escapades dominate the political discourse, even if he is no innocent party in the process. Are French politics becoming de-substantiated the American way, forsaking fundamentals for glitz and smokescreens? Not good. Our only consolation, hanging to our Frenchitude, is that France doesn't impeach its chauds lapins. Yet.
[edit 02/02/08: French president and ex-model wed in IHT]
[edit 02/03/07: the Guardian reviews the wedding and Sarko-Bruni]
[edit 02/04/07: Sarko-Overload by Paris-based blogger Margie Rynn]
photo Ben Curtis/AP