Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hang In There!

Another item I can cross off my "live the California experience" list.
A 5.4 earthquake hit Chino Hills before noon today, about 40 miles East of us. A moderate affair, yet felt all the way to Vegas and San Diego. The house began to rock gently like a slow-motion belly dancer, and it took me a few duh! seconds to realize that it might be smart to duck under the desk. Small tremor, but long enough to be creepy. The local blogosphere is buzzing with people reporting how it felt in their neighborhood (see Curbed LA & LAist.) Apparently, Downtown L.A. was shaking pretty hard. According to local TV news, there is a 5% chance that a larger quake will follow. With no major damage nor injuries reported, this morning's quake serves as a good reminder to refresh our earthquake kits and preparedness... and to take cover faster next time. Some photos. 08/01/08: videos.
modified photo Gary Friedman/LAT: hanging tight in Pasadena