Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pill-Popping Pets

"America’s animals, it seems, have very American health problems," writes James Vlahos in a comprehensive article on pill-popping pets for the NYT. "Pharmaceutical companies have begun marketing behavior modification and lifestyle drugs specifically for pets." Is it a sign of society's decadence? Do pets really need treatments designed for humans, or are we anthropomorphizing? Vlahos started out thinking so, but his research led him to conclude that helping pets cope with behavioral issues may be justified; more importantly, that we may need to apply "behavior modification" to ourselves, and provide our 4-paw friends with the "lifestyle" they deserve: a love and care no pill will ever replace. Between over-humanizing our relationships with pets, and treating them like mere accessories, there is plenty of room for medication-free commonsense.
illustration via Google Images