Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It looks like GOP's pseudo-maverick, "tested hero" cannot handle the current economic and financial crisis, or debacle of his campaign, without running for cover like a suspending monkey, -- trying to bail out of the first presidential debate on false pretenses, and canceling an appearance on David Letterman, claiming that he had to rush to Washington to tend to the financial crisis. "I'm a navy pilot, and I know when a crisis calls for all hands on deck," he said. But it turned out that he only snubbed Letterman to run into same-network Katie Couric's fluffy arms. How warrior-like...

Meanwhile, his running mate, an inexperienced, vendetta-mongering fundanut, raises enough worry within the GOP that they keep her under wraps and won't let her talk to the press. What a lousy team of chickens. And they call the Dems soft, girlie men who cannot address the challenges facing America? This would be laughable if the country was not in such dire straits, and in such need for competent, executive management. Are we witnessing a reversal of "roles?"
illustration via Google Images