Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hollywood Cheapos

Took the car for an inside/out clean and detail today. Great deal on Tuesdays @ $10.95, for a fabulous job, always. While pulling the car by the order window, we noticed an already washed and dried Maserati being worked on really hard by the staff.

From his very loud phone conversations in the waiting lounge, and from his signature faux-cool designer clothes, we figured the owner was some sort of producer. Meanwhile, the staff were working their butt off polishing his car. Ours was still in line to be washed [...] More obnoxiously loud conversations on the phone -- we could even make out which deal the was working on, and with whom.

Our car got its fair share of pampering, and as it got ready, so was the Maserati. We thanked the staff and tipped them well, as usual. The Maserati schmuck? He took his keys from the washer without even acknowledging his existence, and tipped him nada. Stronzo.

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