Friday, August 28, 2009

There *Are* Good Samaritans In L.A.

It started as a bad Friday night, but turned out to be a good one. As I pulled in a local gas station -- my last errand before finally getting home -- a surfer noted with a huge grin, "You've got a flat tire." Indeed. With a week's worth of groceries in the boot. Bummer.

Only viable options for the mechanically inept: drive to the repair shop ten blocks away at the risk of damaging the rim; or call AAA and spend the evening waiting to be towed. Whiff of despair. "If you have a spare I can change the tire for you," grinned the surfer. So there we were, chatting and laughing while he fixed the spare in no time.

Who said it's doggy-dog, everyone for one's self in L.A.? The only regret I have is that Mr Good Samaritan declined my offer to buy him a pack of beer or a bottle of wine. "No, no," he said, "You made my day. If it was my girlfriend, she'd be all bitching and moaning."

He made my day, too. Thanks to him and after a quick visit to the mechanic, we're at home half an hour later, chilling with a glass of wine and a brand new tire while enjoying yet another magical sunset.

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