Monday, September 28, 2009

Eden Fare

Grenier de l'Amérique. That's how California is often referred to: an agricultural Eden, land of exotic fruit. Though Central California still boasts large culture fields, land values, (sub)urbanization and international commerce have taken a painful toll. We're lucky to have farmers' markets throughout L.A. that allow us to enjoy local produce, but in the stores, Made in California has become a minority.

As treehuggers, we buy local as much as we can, but I couldn't resist getting this pitaya -- also known as dragon fruit -- for its beauty and exotism. Not feeling too bad about it either, since it comes from Mexico, and we're quite happy to support our dirt-poor neighbors. As for the foodie experience? "Mushy as watermelon; tastes like washed down kiwi without the zing," said the Dude. Le flacon sans l'ivresse.
photos LA Frog


The Daily Connoisseur said...

How marvelous. I have not tried a dragon fruit and now want to find one toute de suite! xo

LA Frog said...

A beautiful fruit indeed. Like a piece of art. Not very tasty, though.