Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Good bye Summertime. Hello flufly sweaters, strong teas and evening soups. The first cold front of the season has turned SoCal into a freezer, with crisp sand, nippy blue skies, and snow in the Sierras.
photos: 1/2. LA Frog - 3. Ski Lake Tahoe via LATimes


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Those pigeons are precious! They look so cold! I love this time of year in L.A. I love changing my wardrobe with the seasonal shift...

LisaNewton said...

LOL.......As some who lived for many years in the Midwest and East Coast, I think it's a little funny how cold SoCal residents get. It's only 50 degrees but they have down winter coats on.

Maybe after I live out here a few more years, I'll be like that, too. However, I don't anticipate it happening anytime soon. :)

LA Frog said...

It was a brutal change in temperature -- from hot, 90s Santa Anas to crisp, 50s winterish weather. The pigeons were actually shivering in the early beach morning, and the Sierras got their first snow of the season.

Yet I agree: it is amazing how we Southern Californians are "petites natures": the slightest shade of gray, drop of rain, or cooling, and it's a drama -- even for those who have lived under harsher latitudes before.

There is a saying here that when you come to SoCal, your blood chemistry changes, which explains the reduced resistance to weather: a theory that would probably make those living in rougher weather LOL even harder.

My theory is that we're just spoiled. We also live with lighter wardrobes and in lesser insulated homes. But with "crisis" comes opportunity, and the pleasure to rediscover yummy scarves and sweaters.

LA Frog said...

@LisaNewton: You might enjoy this news about the prospect of rain in L.A. - Apocalypse? Seattle laughs: