Saturday, February 28, 2009

Urban Poetry

When a papier-mâché beehive appeared in an abandoned payphone on Beachwood and Melrose earlier this week, the local blogosphere went buzzing. Kézako? Attack of the killer bees? No, says Curbed LA, simply the work of young artist Bumblebee.
Bumblebee's credo: "Telephone companies have been abandoning their public telephone booths by taking out the phones and leaving the structures beehind. I want to reuse these structures as a way of communication with the public once more by replacing that empty space with papier-mâché beehives. To me, this symbolizes the irony beehind the question, 'where have so many of the bees gone' and the theory that cell phone signals have been misguiding their normal patterns of migration." More photos here, here & here.

Like Berd and Chase, Bumblebee brings poetic touches of intrigue and mystery that make living in this town a real treat.
photo via Curbed LA

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