Sunday, October 11, 2009

Culver Gallery Harvest

Ooh the pleasure of Fall and its art season in full bloom. After The Bergamot last week, off to the Culver City Arts District yesterday. Selection above: Song Kun @ Walter Maciel; installation @ LAXART; Van Arno @ Corey Helford; Christophe Leroux @ George Billis; Dave McKenzie @ Susanne Vielmetter; Debbie Han @ LA Contemporary; Claire Oswalt @ Taylor de Cordoba.

Last but not least: Lilly, Koplin del Rio's gallery mutt, making sure (supposedly) that no photographs are taken of the controversial Sandow Birk exhibit American Qur'an, a series of illuminated book style gouaches combining English translations of Islamic scripture with contemporary urban scenes: an intriguing attempt at bridging ancient text with contemporary life, East with West, hence the "sacrilegious" controversy and gallery caution.

Also noted: Helen and Newton Harrison's Force Majeure @ Cardwell Jimmerson, a sobering study of environmental destruction and remedying strategies. More pix here. Previous Culver City posts here.
photos of artwork + mutt LA Frog


Californiality said...

Forgive me, but I just noticed (after 9 days) your link to my blog! Wow---- Your blog is so tasteful and tres elegante! Like a moth to a flame, I linked to your fabulous blog from mine. "LA Frog" is dripping with LA sensuality. Love it!

LA Frog said...

Wow.. your comment has me so gushing that my head is about to explode ;) I enjoy your blog, which is why I linked to it and have it on my blogroll. Keep the good work!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

You really have inspired me to get out more and view art! It's something that I love to do but don't do enough. I'm really enjoying these posts... thank you. xo

LA Frog said...

So much to see and experience in L.A.!