Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here She Is!

Santa Monica's new Pacific Wheel made quite a debut tonight.
It only took three weeks for the old wheel to be dismantled, sold on eBay for $132,400, and replaced by this $1.5M shiny babe. Not only do the new wheel's LED lights allow for an awesome, programmable show, they will save 75% energy on the former wheel, which was already the first solar-powered in the world.

The soirée began with a concert featuring the Surf City Allstars. Unfortunately, taxpaying residents where corralled behind guarded fences, while the local gratin comprising California first lady Maria Shriver, self-congratulating city officials, the Santa Monica chief of police, and a decked-out priest attempting a strange twist dance occupied a private-party-only prime spot. Good old elitist Santa Monica, always eager to privatize public space.

In the end, the fireworks and lightshow were better enjoyed from the beach, where the surf music met the surf itself. More pix here.
photo LA Frog