Monday, August 25, 2008

Fancy Some Château Michiganne?

"Wineries are cropping up in unexpected places," writes The Economist. After Chinese chardonnays, California wines may face new home-grown competition from none other than the Midwest. The two biggest producers, Michigan and Ohio, count 112 and 108 wineries respectively, with Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin following in their path. The state-sponsored enterprises have attracted a new kind of tourism, with 800,000 people visiting wineries in Michigan alone in 2005. A bounty not to be missed, evidently. "Still," writes The Economist, "vintners in the Midwest face challenges." How about frightfully cold and dark winters, for a start? How do they get the mandatory raisins gorgés de soleil? The story does not tell, but we cannot wait to try one of those "oddities." Worse case scenario, it will end up in the next coq au vin. More facts & figures here + here.
photo via flickr